Do you miss your Peace Corps experience? Do you wish you could recapture it for a moment? We have a way. By sharing your community project story, not only do you get to relive those days, but you’ll inspire donations that can fund new projects, putting you right back at the heart of the action.  

As teachers, leaders, parents, and citizens, we strive for a better world for our families, our students, our communities, and our countries. In Kyrgyzstan, as volunteers, we undertook this challenge with community projects to improve our homes away from home in some important way no matter how small or large, no matter how long-lasting, and no matter how well they actually worked out in the end.

Friends of Kyrgyzstan fund Peace Corps community projects because we understand first-hand the importance of lifting communities, the power of collaboration to serving Peace Corps goals, and the learning and skills this develops for volunteers. Please help us fund more projects, inspire others, tell your story. 

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