FOKGZ's Leadership

In accordance with the Friends of Kyrgyzstan bylaws, there shall be nine members of the Board of Directors consisting of the five members of the executive committee, the three Regional Directors, and the Kyrgyz Director. The members of the Friends of Kyrgyzstan will elect the Board of Directors for a period of two years with the option to continue on for at least two more terms for a maximum of six years. In addition to Kyrgyz RPCVs possible sources for Board members are current Peace Corps volunteers in Kyrgyzstan, staff of the Kyrgyz embassy, academic or business leaders involved with Central Asia. The Board of Directors shall decide all issues relating to national policy and the budget for the Friends of Kyrgyzstan.

If you are interested in serving on the board, please contact us.

Current board members

Alice Lee, RPCV K-xx


Andrew Kuschner, RPCV K-xx


Brianna Hawk, RPCV K-27

Brianna Hawk is a DC-based international affairs professional who was evacuated from Kyrgyzstan during the global COVID evacuation. She is hopeful to return to her Peace Corps site where she will work with school staff and local officials to repair the school’s underground classrooms.

David Malana, RPCV K-18

David served in Talas Oblast from 2010-12.

John Cervetto, RPCV K-xx


Judson L Moore, RPCV K-19

Judson L Moore is a K-19 who served in Talas and Bishkek as an Economic Development volunteer. His first site at RadioMost in Talas led him to create, which has gone on to be a national media outlet. Judson currently lives in Berlin, Germany, where he works at eBay as a product Manager.

Julie Rotherham, RPCV K-xx


Linda Lee Blaine, RPCV K-xx


ndielman, RPCV K-xx


Tracy Riggan, RPCV K-xx


Friends of Kyrgyzstan is a registered 501(c)3 organization and is not associated with the United States Peace Corps. The views and information expressed here are our own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of either the United States Peace Corps or it’s volunteers.