Peela Chai Each

July 27, 2011 | 0 Comments | 0 Min Read

By Judson L Moore Judson L Moore is a K-19 who served in Talas and Bishkek as an Economic Development volunteer. His first site at RadioMost in Talas led him to create kyrgyzmedia.com, which has gone on to be a national media outlet. Judson currently lives in Berlin, Germany, where he works at eBay as a product Manager.

Peela Chai Each

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Last week was RadioMost’s 4th Anniversary as the pioneer community radio station in Kyrgyzstan.  To mark the occasion we had a music festival at which a few of my fellow Peace Corps Volunteers performed a song.

This song, a translated cover of The Kink’s, “Have A Cup of Tea,” was such an anticipated success that these volunteers were requested to perform it on-air during an interview.  Here is the recording of that interview and the new hit single, “Peela Chai Each.”


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