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International Village Students Educational Fund

Amy Redwine as a teacher in the village of International in Chui Oblast made a promise to her students that if they worked hard she would do her best to make sure that they could all go to university. So far Amy has made good on that promise with a lot of help from her family and many of the members of Friends of Kyrgyzstan and listserve subscribers.

In addition to accepting donations, Amy has also done a number of fundraisers including a raffle for a computer and the sale of Kyrgyz handicrafts with half the proceeds going to the students and half to the local artisans who create the hats, slippers, and bags.

If you would like to make a donation or purchase some of the lovely items they have for sale please contact Amy's mother Roni at:


Bakyt's Educational Fund (Alice Tyler)

"Many of you made donations two years ago to send Bakyt Tokubek uulu to American University. He is a sensitive and caring young man who has taught Enlish in a small village school, built a school libary, given teacher training seminars, been a camp counselor and organized an eyeglasses giveaway in the village, among other things. With your support, he had a successful year at AUCA and won an IREX scholarship to America. He had a great year here and completed another year of
college. Now he is back in Kyrgyzstan and would like to return to AUCA to complete his studies. His future intent is to build an "American-style" school on the south side of Lake Issyk-kul (perhaps in Bokonbaev). He has already been promised $1000 toward this endeavor once he graduates AUCA. He also would like to build a youth sports club so there will be an alternative to vodka drinking, samichki eating and
spitting on the sidewalk.

Anyway, he is limping around Bishkek right now trying to get an internship at Peace Corps or somewhere. He has received a scholarship for $1100 from AUCA this
year, which leaves $700. Two years ago, you guys came up with $700 of the $900 I needed for his tuition. I'm hoping you will be just as excited about helping this year." - Alice Tyler (K-7), June 30, 2004.


Peace Corps Kyrgyzstan Partnership Project (Joshua Morton)

"My school and I need your help - ie, your money! I won't go into great detail about our project, since a summary is posted on the Peace Corps Partnership website, but here's a quick rundown: at my school administration's request, I helped develop and submitted a PC Partnership Proposal to create a small but very needed computer resource center at the school.

This may not sound like the most original project out there, but if so, that's because it's a fairly basic need these days. Computer technology classes are currently taught using drawings of keyboards on classroom blackboards - which is really leaving the students at a disadvantage in terms of keeping up with job skills, technology, and, really, the rest of the world.

However, Mamyrkanova School simply can't afford to fund a quality center by itself. The school administration has been really involved in developing the project, and has pledged a 30% contribution, including material and in-kind labor donations.

The project is posted on the PC website.

I'll be leaving K-stan at the end of November of this year, so meeting our remaining goal of $842.40 in time is a concern. If it sounds good to you all, please check it out, spread the word - donations of any amount will be really helpful. If you contribute, feel free to let me know so I and my school can thank you." - Joshua Morton (K-10), July 2, 2004.


Peace Corps Kyrgyzstan 10th Anniversary Fund

"I've been thinking that it may be appropriate to gather an anniversary fund together for the purpose of supporting some volunteer endeavor or something related to Kyrgyzstan. Here are some thoughts which are all in their nascent form. Naturally this is a modest endeavor, but we could probably raise enough money to so something worthwhile in Kstan and it could be an ongoing activity. The PC staff has graciously offered to assist us in administering a program.

Some ideas:

- Put together a fund to support a volunteer's work at school; this could be for the purchase of infrastructure ike blackboards or the construction of toilets and better health education

- Create a fund to support a volunteers secondary project or projects with a local community center, learning center or another NGO

- Help re-establish the summer camps for boys and girls in English teaching and provide transport for other English teachers

- Start a fund for one student to be able to study for a year in the west of university level

- Start the Batken Initiative - this one was Joseph's idea and I really liked it. As PC is not allowed in the Batken oblast for safety issues they have been starting to send books and materials to schools in the region with the hopes that in the future some of those schools will support volunteers. its costly and the books aint free - so we could adopt some of those schools or something

Although I suggested we could send students overseas, this is probably something we would like to try to avoid only because its logistically complicated and the US government already has the high school and college programs for students. Likewise, I'm not a big proponent of study tours for teachers, we need to give something that is visible, at least that's how I feel. We also need to think of simplicity because none of us are going to be able to monitor this transaction nor take the time to seriously administer a grants program or something similar.

We don't have to rush something like this, in otherwords it doesn't have to be accomplished in 2003. We can start to chat about it and see what people are interested in doing. If we contribute around $50 a person we could raise a substantial amount of money given that there are now over 300 RPCVs out there. There are several RPCVs still in the region who can also be on call to perhaps be "poscredniki" for such a concept." - Mark Hannafin (K-2), May 12, 2003.


To suggest projects that could involve expertise, contacts, or funds from the Friends of Kyrgyzstan, contact us.


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