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Kyrgyzstan News

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Generally credible sources include, which has a good links section on Kyrgyzstan.

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) has English-language news articles on Kyrgyzstan as well as Kyrgyz-language daily 30-minute streaming broadcasts. The private organization is funded by the U.S. government and is aimed at Eurasian countries.

The Media Association of Fergana Valley deals with news from the southern regions of Kyrgyzstan.

Go to if your Russian is up to snuff. This electronic news source has provided a steady supply of articles on Kyrgyzstan politics, culture, and several other topics since its May 2003 startup. There is also a small forum there. is the electronic home of one of the principal newspapers in Kyrgyzstan, and is entirely in Russian.

The Kyrgyz National News Agency, Kabar, has a variety of news articles with sections on Kyrgyzstan, central Asia, the Commwealth of Independent States (CIS), China, and south / southeast / east Asia, and is available in English, Kyrgyz, and Russian. Unfortunately, the website demands a $10/month subscription for access to English versions of articles; it pays to know Kyrgyz or Russian well.

The Vecherniy Bishkek is one of the principal daily newspapers in Kyrgyzstan and is available in both Russian and English.

The Komsomolskaya Pravda is another Kyrgyzstan newspaper with an entirely Russain website.

Bulak is the National Information Network of Kyrgyzstan, a small network of journalists with some UNESCO and the Central Asian Media Resource Center involvement. Their News section is apparently slowing down because of a lack of funds.

The Kyrgyzinfo information agency website is a slick news portal available in English, Kyrgyz, and Russian, but often lacks the depth of other news aggregator services.

Maya Stolitsa is a Kyrgyzstan newspaper focusing on society and politics, with a Russian-only website.

Novostnaya Lenta is yet another news portal that has the option for Russian and English versions. However, the English version appears to be non-existent.

Slova Kyrgyzstana is a Kyrgyzstan paper with a Russian-only website. has Russian-language general information and news on the five Central Asian republics and Afghanistan. is a RFE/RL outlet in Kyrgyzstan with a Kyrgyz-language website.


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