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The Friends of Kyrgyzstan started as a LISTSERV mailing list in 2002 and evolved into a not-for-profit organization incorporated in New York State in 2004.



The Friends of Kyrgyzstan network exists to:

1) Facilitate communication between members of the Friends of Kyrgyzstan and promote exchange of information relevant to the organization's objectives

2) Respond to requests (or need) for information about Kyrgyzstan

3) Facilitate the sharing and exchange of ideas, activities, materials, resources and expertise between members and other interested parties

4) Promote interest in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia

5) Represent the Peace Corps experience and to support the continual learning of members in areas related to the culture, country and development of Kyrgyzstan

6) Promote and facilitate projects members undertake in accordance with the objectives of the group


The by-laws of this organization are available here (in rich text format (rtf), which is Word-compatible).


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The Friends of Kyrgyzstan is a group of over 100 Peace Corps volunteers, returned volunteers, and their friends and family.

At this website, you can

1) Keep in touch with other Friends of Kyrgyzstan through the member list and discussion forum

2) Learn about Kyrgyzstan, a mountainous former Soviet republic in Central Asia

3) Learn about and contribute to projects related to Kyrgyzstan

4) Submit and view photographs taken in Kyrgyzstan

5) Ask questions about the Peace Corps experience or about visiting / working in Kyrgyzstan at the forum

6) Browse links to other websites or references


We hope that this website will be your center for everything related to Kyrgyzstan.

We welcome suggestions for changes or additions to this website. Contact us.


Site updated: February 25, 2006